Our 15th-year anniversary 

2021 was our 15th year anniversary, and to celebrate we offered a series of free virtual conferences.  In times of restrictions on gatherings, these conferences have enabled our community to come together for inspiration and education.  We invited special guest speakers that provided a diversity of inputs and perspectives contributing to a deeper learning and appreciation of Christian Ecology and climate issues. The conferences have been well attended and the recordings have been well-viewed on our YouTube channel.  Participation included 280 pre-registered for the live events and over 1100 views of the recordings. The recordings of our conferences are available to view on our YouTube Channel at:   Églises Vertes – YouTube. This project was made possible thanks to the generous financial support from the Congregation of the Sisters of Ste-Anne.


  • Good Friday for the Earth (click here for English and French)
  • Earth Day (click here for French)
  • The State of Quebec Forests (click here for French)
  • The Good Samaritan and Being Prepared to Help (click here for English)
  • Watershed Discipleship: Various Ways to Act on Climate Crises (click here for English)
  • Season of Creation toolbox presentation (click here for English and French)
  • Creative Journaling on the Path of Eco-Spirituality (French- not recorded)
  • Love the Creatures like Saint Francois! (click here for French)
  • The Intersection of Ecology and Christianity (click here for English)
  • Climatic Justice and the COP 26 (click here for French)
  • Interview with a Youth Committed to Ecology (click here for French)
  • Advent 2021 Meditations (click here for English and French)
  • Agri-Ecological Farm for Vulnerable Youth and Families (click here for French)