Saint Andrew and Saint Mark Parish

Our neighbours at the Anglican Parish of St. Andrew and St. Mark decided that they wanted to re-envision the way that they use energy by cutting out their dependency on oil altogether. During the winter of 2006-2007 they installed “geothermal pumps” in the ground beneath their church to harness the warmth of the earth and power heating and cooling systems in their building.

While this was a major decision for the congregation they are now heating the church building and an adjoining daycare during the winter without the burning of oil, and have reduced their carbon emissions drastically. Also, at the same time as helping the environment, St. Mark’s is also saving $10, 000’s of dollars in heating prices each winter because their geothermal system provides a source of renewable and self-sustaining energy.



St. Mark’s Anglican Church
865, Lakeshore Drive, Dorval Qc, H9S 2C7