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Parish : La-Transfiguration-du-Seigneur

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Just west of Quebec City, the parish of La-Transfiguration-du-Seigneur stretches between the majestic St. Lawrence River to the south and the bustling Jacques-Cartier River to the north. Since January 2019, the parish includes the following three communities: Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Félix de Cap-Rouge, and Saint-Augustin.

Promoting better ecological practices and rediscovering a Christian spirituality closer to God’s creation in our 3 communities connects perfectly with our pastoral project statement this year: « To be witnesses of Jesus in today’s world and to make disciples ». It goes without saying that our current mission inevitably includes sensitivity and attention to ecology, the main concern of the younger generations likely to enter into dialogue with us. Prayer and liturgy, recycling and energy efficiency efforts, charitable and sharing activities, and teaching are just a few examples of our current, past, and future commitments.

Prayer and Liturgy: An Ecological Conversion for Lent 2020 and Inauguration of an Ecological Committee

On March 1, 2020, during the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass at St. Catherine’s Church, parishioners from all three communities were invited to join together in prayer and action with one goal in mind: to improve environmental practices in our parish and to respond to Pope Francis’ call in his encyclical Laudato Si’. Sending mission: To join our efforts to Pray that the Lord inspires us to set an example as a Church, to fast by depriving ourselves of superfluous things in order to eliminate some waste, and to Give alms of our time, offering our collaboration to take care, in our own measure and in a more special way, of our common home.

A beautiful statue of St. Francis of Assisi was graciously offered by the religious community of the Little Franciscans of Mary of Baie-Saint-Paul to inspire and patronize our projects. On this first Sunday of Lent, Sister Carmen Gravel, p.f.m., generously accepted to present the patron saint of ecologists who inspired the work and vocation of her community. Gérard Bilodeau proceeded, after the mass, to a special blessing of the statue and the future ecological committee of the parish. The ceremony was followed by a coffee-sharing with the parishioners.

Promoting energy efficiency: Ongoing and future projects in our parish

Already engaged in several short and medium-term projects, our parish has undertaken the restoration of the facade and roof of the Saint-Augustin church, the conversion of the oil heating for electric heating with cabinets in the presbytery and in the Saint-Félix church, as well as the restoration of the doors and windows of the basement of the church and the presbytery of Sainte-Catherine. All of these improvements contribute to reducing the energy consumption of our buildings, and thus our ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Promoting recycling and sharing

THE BARGAIN COUNTER, in the basement of St. Catherine’s Church, has been offering used clothing, shoes, furniture, appliances, sports equipment, toys, and books at minimal cost for over 20 years, thus contributing to the financial health of the community. In fact, all the profits of the organization are given to the Fabrique and give it the financial freedom to renovate the church and provide pastoral and administrative services, while promoting recycling and helping the needy. The organization has about thirty volunteers who generously and enthusiastically work even in these times during the pandemic.

The Presbytery Garden: The Presbytery Garden project in Sainte-Catherine will be built around the statue of St. Francis of Assisi, which will be honored to inspire prayer and contemplation in this magnificent location bordered by the Jacques-Cartier River, the bike path, and the cross-country ski trail in winter. The site will be landscaped with mature trees, shrubs, perennials, annual flowers, spring bulbs, and vegetable plants accessible to all. A pathway will crisscross the sites with biblical reflections. The gardens will be developed as an intergenerational gathering place where exchange, sharing, and listening to each other are encouraged. A plaque commemorating the former parish priests of St. Catherine’s will be installed and a community vegetable garden will be cultivated by the youth of Jacques-Cartier School, guided by the Golden Age Club, which holds its activities right next to the site. A cultural, musical, artistic, and poetic component will also be available.

Parish : La-Transfiguration-du-Seigneur

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