Greenwood United Church

We are a newly-amalgamated church from a two-part pastoral charge. Our location is just outside the City of Peterborough, Ontario. Our name will likely change in order to reflect our new direction.

The “green committee”, just formed, has the Visioning Committee as its base, as we have arrived at an exciting direction for our new church. In the midst of our planning, we discovered that much has been achieved by others already and there is such an amazing amount of help available. We generally conduct at least one outdoor service each year, either on the church premises or in a member’s wonderful garden.

Our church has had a ‘green audit’ and acted on the suggestions for lighting and a new, air-tight window. We are in an area which includes a Community College, and a University, which we hope to be able to include in some projected programs. “A River Runs Through It” applies to the area, and working farms are not far away.

The congregation is spiritual and open to newness, and we are excited that they are fully behind this new direction presented to them.

Donwood United Church
Rr# 10, 2592 Television Road
Peterborough, ON
St Matthew’s United Church
808-839 Talwood Drive
Peterborough, ON