Saint John Brebeuf Parish

The Christian Community of St. John Brebeuf is located in LaSalle, Quebec. St. John Brebeuf is a bustling community-centred church with various ministries committed to sharing and living God’s word within our parish, community and globally. Our parishioners are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and have implemented several initiatives to attain our goal of becoming a green church.

For instance, our newly formed 50+ Drop-In Centre uses cups and tableware, instead of disposable products. As our aim is to eliminate all disposable products, virtually all of our social groups have switched from disposable cups and tableware to china tableware and cutlery in almost all our functions. In addition, as our cleaning products and lightbulbs run out we replace them with earth friendly alternatives. Another initiative that has been put into practice is composting, which both our 50+ Drop-In Centre and Meals-on-Wheels do on a regular basis. We also have a collection bin for recycling batteries and printers that we encourage our parishioners to use.

We held a yard sale June 11th, 2011 to further promote our aim of reducing our carbon footprint by selling our accumulated « stuff » rather than tossing it in the trash. The above initiatives lead to our fourth commitment to the environment – rethinking our philosophy of life in regards to consumerism and consumption of natural resources. Our future objective is to continue to cultivate an environment of awareness and action towards caring for our earth as is God’s intention.

St. John Brébeuf Parish

7777 George Street, LaSalle, Québec H8P 1C8

(514) 366 0131