Bon-Pasteur Parish

Our parish is located in Drummondville and comprises four communities that worship in three churches, as one of the churches has been sold to the Pentecostals.

eglise bon-pasteurFour years ago, an environment committee was set up to make parishioners more aware of their responsibility to be good stewards of Creation.

Since then, and with the agreement with the pastoral team, different actions have been taken:

  • Speaking during the homily at Sunday mass about Earth Day, World Water Day, the Défi climat campaign and other environment-related events.
  • In cooperation with local schools, placing containers in each church to collect tabs from soft drink cans, bread bag ties, corks, stamps and batteries that the school sends to a foundry, to the Scouts, to Récyc-Québec, etc. Ink cartridges are also collected through the Ko-Rec-Type/Green Church program.
  • Awareness-raising articles are regularly published in the parish bulletin on buying fair trade products, environmentally-responsible consuming, protecting the common good and any other relevant subject that could help motivate the people of our communities to be better citizens.
  • In partnership with block party organizers and Drummondville’s Green Patrol, our parish environment committee succeeded in holding social activities with zero garbage afterwards in order to minimize our ecological footprint.

This is a brief description of our committee and the activities that have given us an opportunity to rediscover our relationship with nature.

Odette L. Belval, Pastoral Agent
Bon-Pasteur Parish (diocese of Nicolet)
580, rue St-Pierre, Drummondville, Quebec J2C 3W5
Tel.: 819-477-2932
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