Arvida Community

To make it possible for lay people to take charge of their pastoral responsibility, local animation teams (LAT) were established in 2015 throughout the Diocese of Chicoutimi including the parishes of Ste-Thérèse-de-l’enfant- Jesus and St. Philip located in the Arvida sector of the Jonquière borough of Ville Saguenay.

Our LAT is made up of 7 lay volunteer members along with an accompanying pastoral associate. During this first year, our team sought to give ourselves a particular color in which to anchor our future pastoral activities. So, following the release of the encyclical of Pope Francis « Laudato Si » on the protection of our Common Home and the call by Development and Peace to sign a petition in preparation for the COP21 meeting in Paris in December 2015, various activities to increase awareness took place in our community such as petitions at masses and an evening of reflection. These activities evoked an awakening and sounded a call to all the members of our LAT.

We are in the first stages of our undertaking, but already a project of community gardens was born for the summer of 2016 in collaboration with the local group “Entre-Êtres” to support people in need. These gardens will be laid-out on the grounds of one of our 4 churches, St. Matthias. Various other activities are underway including replacing disposable cups with washable cups for our coffee meetings, volunteers to manage our flower beds in spring and carpooling for activities outside of Arvida. And that’s just the beginning. So, the next volunteer evening will be the time for the official launch of our Green Church initiative. An awareness of our role as Christians in environmental protection will be made.

We recognize the effort involved in the coming changes and so we are happy to be part of the Green Churches Network, which will support us in our program. Just watch us go: the colour of our future pastoral activities will definitely be GREEN.

Claude Gilbert, membre de l’ÉAL

Communautés catholiques d’Arvida

2327 rue Lévesque, Jonquière, QC, G7S 3T4