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Archdiocese of Montreal commits to a greener workplace

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The Archdiocese of Montreal (Roman Catholic) became a member of the Green Church Network in 2011 after integrating several ecological practices into the workplace as early as the late ’90s. Montreal was the first diocese in Canada to join the Green Church Network.

Brian McDonough, Director of the Social Action Office at the time, described the initiative as a grassroots movement: « Many of us have become aware of the need to change our lifestyles because they are destroying the earth. In 2011, a seven-person « going green » committee secured the collaboration of all offices, departments and services.  This committee implemented seven courses of action.  A new committee, the « 2000 Vert » started in 2019 with an official mandate:

To incrementally implement actions that will enable the « 2000 » staff (diocesan departments) to care for our common home. 

Encouraged by the social teachings in encyclical Laudato Si’, the committee wants to sensitize the staff and work habits of the head office and services of the diocese to better reflect the Church’s thinking on both individual and corporate responsibility for the ecological and climate issues that are shaking the planet.


  • Raise awareness and mobilize staff through mini-presentations at monthly staff socials (i.e. recycling masks, triage, eco-spirituality).
  • An eight-week campaign, Happy Sobriety in our Digital Carbon Footprint, created and distributed to staff in 2021
  • Promotion and creation of Laudato Si 101; seven short (bilingual) video-conference presentations for youth ages 15-35, 2021
  • Membership with networks such as Front Commun pour la transition énergétique, Climate Crisis and Religious Heritage Think Tank
  • Lunch’n’Learn workshops on sorting recyclable materials in conjunction with the Peter McGill Eco-Quartier
  • Greening of conferences in partnership with youth at Loyola High School.
  • Encourage staff to participate in active mode of transportation (bike rack installation)
  • Recycling initiatives and methods to ensure a second life of materials
  • Phasing out styrofoam cups and plastic water bottles; water pitchers are now used.
  • Gradually replace lighting with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (thanks to a grant from Hydro-Québec)
  • How to be a Green Church’ in conjunction with St. Elzéar Parish, 2013
  • Earth Awakening an introduction to the thought of Thomas Berry, 2010



Conforming our choices and work habits to « greener » practices and living more fully the message of Laudato Si through our actions is not only a “duty” of the Church, but also a desire for witness to Christ.

Christ is the One through whom all things were created and in whom creation will be renewed and so to approach creation with reverence flows from God`s love for us in the Holy Spirit. Love of neighbour flows from the same source. Everything is connected!

All these small gestures communicate our commitment and give us back a sense of our own dignity.


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